Suspect a scammer?

What is an inauthentic user (i.e. a scammer) on UrbanSitter?

An inauthentic user on UrbanSitter is someone online who is impersonating a parent looking for childcare. A scammer’s main goal is to gain your trust for the purposes of obtaining money (usually through subtle means). UrbanSitter wants to prepare our sitters with the knowledge and tools to flag these users to our Support Team so that we can conduct an internal investigation and take the appropriate next steps. We created UrbanSitter to help sitters like you, and we always want you to have the best and safest possible experience!

What does a scammer look like on UrbanSitter?

Scammers on UrbanSitter are most commonly parent accounts who post to the Job Board or contact sitters through messaging. They are generally eager for you to take the conversation off UrbanSitter, either via email or text message, and are hesitant to talk on the phone or meet in person. Scammers most often have an overly sympathetic story to entice individuals that they contact to help them out. Examples of these stories are:

  • A deaf parent who recently graduated from an academy for the deaf, etc.
  • A parent who recently lost their spouse or a child
  • A parent whose children have some type of major disability

Scammers often claim that they’re “moving to your area” without mentioning your specific location. They often offer to pay an abnormally high rate. Some signs of a scammer are a large amount of misspellings, grammatical errors, and unusual phrasing in their communication.

A scammer will most often initially request a favor or service involving depositing or wiring money. Scammers will offer a check or bank wire transfer to front the money to complete these “favors”. Examples of these types of requests are:

  • Buying them groceries, furniture, and children’s toys to set up their new house
  • Buying their child a new wheelchair or other assistive device

What do I do if I see a scammer?

  1. If you are in contact with someone that you suspect might be a scammer, we recommend ceasing communication immediately.
  2. Flag the user’s Job Board post or profile, or contact Support directly at To learn more about flagging users, please review our How do I flag someone's account to Support? FAQ.
  3. Do not feel that you need to stop the user! The best thing you can do is contact our Support Team so that they can investigate and take any actions that might be necessary.


If you are ever hesitant about a user on UrbanSitter, please cease communication and contact our Support Team so we can investigate this matter further. Rest assured, our Trust and Safety Team regularly monitors for inauthentic users and overall platform safety. However, we do encourage the UrbanSitter community to help us monitor activity that violates our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. As always, please feel free to contact at any time with any questions or concerns.

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