How does a credit card payment work?

You've added your bank account information so you're all set up for parents to pay you via credit card. Now you've completed a booking that was set to a credit card payment. Time to get paid! 

So what happens next? At the end of the job, we'll prompt you to confirm the hours you worked. Make sure to select 'Yes, expecting bank deposit' under 'Are you expecting payment for this job?'. Then confirm the hours you worked and send an optional message to the parent. Finally, click 'Confirm'!

We'll then send a message to the parent asking them to confirm your payment and add an optional tip. Once the parent confirms the payment, we'll initiate your deposit!


To learn more about confirming your hours, check out our How do I confirm my hours for a credit card payment? FAQ.


It typically takes 2-3 business days for the funds to show in your account. For example, if you worked a job on Friday night and payment was submitted the Monday after, you should expect to see those funds in your account no later than the end of day the following Wednesday. Please note that business days do not include corporate and bank holidays such as Labor day and Columbus day.

With a few exceptions, payments will be automatically charged about 24 hours after the sitter has confirmed their hours, even if the parent hasn't yet confirmed the payment. This is to ensure that sitters can be paid in a timely manner! If you have any questions about your payment, or haven't received payment by the 3rd business day, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at


For more information about when you will get paid, feel free to visit our other FAQ: When will I get paid?

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