What is a profile video?

Profile videos are simply the most effective way for a sitter to introduce themselves to a parent - and more importantly - start building trust and credibility! We've heard from many UrbanSitter parents that sitter profile videos help them get to know a sitter quickly and make it easier to choose which sitter to book. Sitters with videos get more than twice as many jobs as those without. Having an opportunity to portray your personality and babysitting skills is a great way to strengthen your profile and get bookings faster! 


We strongly encourage sitters to be themselves in their profile videos. To read the Profile Video Guidelines and tips on what to include in your profile video and what to leave out, check out our Profile Video Guidelines: What should I include in my profile video? FAQ.


Profile videos are quick and easy to record on your phone or webcam. You can then upload your video to your profile on the UrbanSitter website or app. To find out how to record and upload a profile video, check out our How do I record and upload a profile video? FAQ


Sitters! See sample videos and upload your profile video here:

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