How do I manage my sitter calendar?

It is critical that sitters make sure their calendar is always up-to-date. Parents rely on your calendar to know when you are available for jobs or interviews, and your profile is shown in parent search results according to the availability listed on your calendar.

On the calendar, green indicates you are available, grey indicates you are not available, and blue indicates you have an Accepted or Pending booking.


To manage your calendar, go to your Dashboard. For quick tips on calendar management, click the Calendar Help from your Dashboard.


Sitters view and edit their availability on a Sunday to Saturday week-long view. To view future weeks, simply on the arrows at the top of the calendar. If you skip far ahead and want to quickly get back to viewing today's date, just click the 'Today' button in the upper righthand corner.

To get a longterm view of your upcoming availability, click on the green calendar icon in the upper righthand corner. A month-long view of your calendar will display, which you can click on to easily jump to an upcoming week. The color coding on the month view is the same as the week view: green indicates available, grey indicates not available, blue indicates a Pending or Accepted booking.


Adding Availability

To add availability, click on the desired calendar time slots, then click 'Save'.

Available Past Midnight

When you add availability on a 11:30PM to 12:00AM time slot, you can check a box to indicate you are willing to work past midnight. When the box is checked, we will show your profile in parent search results accordingly. Note: when "Willing to work past midnight" is checked, a 'Midnight+' notation will appear on your calendar, but the following day's AM time slots will not turn green.

Adding A Regular Schedule

If you have a regular schedule on a given day of the week, you can easily set the availability to repeat on your calendar. For example, let's say you know that your school schedule will permit you to be available to babysit from 12:00PM to 8:30PM every Monday through the end of March. When adding the availability to your calendar for the first time, simply click "Apply this schedule to future Mondays" and indicate that the schedule only apply until March 31, 2014. You will appear as available for bookings from 12:00PM to 8:30PM every Monday until March 31, 2014.

When managing your calendar you may notice that you can only add availablity up to 4 months in advance. This is to help ensure accurate calendars over time.

Editing and Removing Availability

There will of course be times when you need to remove availabiity from your calendar because you've become unavailable. To remove availibity from time slots and indicate that you are actually not availble, simply click the desired green calendar time slots, then click 'Save'.

            Before                                    In Edit Mode                                     After

You can easily remove all availability in a day by clicking the 'Clear' button at the top of each day on the calendar, or by clicking 'Clear Day' when in Edit Mode on a given day. Please note that this will not impact any Pending or Accepted bookings on that day. 

If you're in need of a total fresh start on managing your calendar, you can easily remove all availability from your calendar by clicking 'Remove All Availability'. Again, this will not impact any Pending or Accepted bookings on the calendar.




Please feel free to contact with any questions, comments, or feedback about the sitter calendar. Thanks!



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