What does my booking status mean?

Booking Statuses

On UrbanSitter, a booking (job or interview) may have a status of Pending, Accepted, Declined, Expired, Canceled, or Complete. You can access your list of all bookings on your Account's Bookings page. 


The complete booking status list, with explanations, are given below:

  • Pending: the request is pending a response from the sitter. 

  • Accepted: the request has been accepted, therefore the booking has been confirmed by both parties!

  • Declined: the request has been declined by the sitter.

  • Expired: the sitter did not accept or decline the request within the allotted time frame available to respond, or the position has been filled by another sitter. Booking requests are set to automatically expire upon 48 hours of having been sent to allow parents time to request a different sitter to fulfill the job. 

  • Canceled: either the parent or the sitter has canceled the booking after it was initially accepted. If you must cancel, please be sure to provide a brief note explaining the cancellation and cancel with as much notice as possible. Feel free to review our Reliability Policy

  • Complete: the booking has been successfully fulfilled by the sitter! Please note that some bookings may require up to fifteen minutes to show a 'Complete' status even if the booking has already been completed in real time. For example, a booking completed at 6:15 PM may not display a 'Complete' status until 6:30 PM.


Parents and sitters: to find out what your booking's payment status means, check out our What Does My Payment Status Mean? FAQ

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