How do I add direct deposit information?

Before you can be paid for babysitting jobs by credit card and express interest in credit card jobs, you will need to add your direct deposit information to your account. When parents pay by credit card, the money is deposited right into your bank account. It's secure and free of charge! Of course, some parents may still opt to pay you in cash. 

You can easily add your direct deposit information on your account's Payment page. Enter your first and last name, the type of account your payment will be deposited to, and that account's Account and Routing numbers. Then click the box to accept the Payment Terms and authorize UrbanSitter to deposit your funds. Finally, click 'Add Direct Deposit' and get ready to start accepting credit card payments from parents! 

To learn more about how credit card payments work, feel free to check out our How Does A Credit Card Payment Work? FAQ

Here's how to do so on the UrbanSitter website, iOS app, and Android app: 

Web and Mobile Web Browser

Navigate to 'Your Account' in the upper right corner of the page, select 'Payment'. This will take you to the following page where you can add your information. 


iPhone App

Click the Menu ios_menu_button.png button in the top right corner of your screen and click 'Account' then 'Direct Deposit'. This will take you to the following screen where you can add your information. 

Android App

Click the Menu android_menu_button.png button in the top left corner of your screen and click 'Account'. Then scroll to and click 'Direct Deposit'. This will take you to the following screen where you can add your information. 

Once your direct deposit information is confirmed, you will see a badge on your profile indicating that you're all set up to receive credit card payments on UrbanSitter!

Please double check your Account and Routing numbers to ensure that they are correct. As a note, our payment system can only accept payment information for bank accounts located within the United States. If you run into any issues while attempting to add direct deposit, please feel free to review our list of troubleshooting steps here.

UrbanSitter partners with the leaders in payment security to ensure that your information is safely stored. No one at UrbanSitter has access to your information. After it is entered, it is encrypted and stored. Please note that when setting up direct deposit, a $0.01 test deposit is made in order to verify the bank account. We do not have the ability to place any charges on your bank account.  Although, some banks may reverse the $0.01 deposit that was used for verification purposes.

To review the list of profile requirements prior to approval, feel free to check out our Why Is My Profile Hidden? FAQ.

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