I was paid in cash but was prompted to confirm my hours. What do I do?

If you’ve completed a booking and are prompted to confirm the hours you worked when you have already received a cash payment, don't fret! You can confirm that you were already paid in cash on the booking page. This will ensure that the parent is not accidentally charged via credit card for these hours. 

As a note, accidentally confirming a credit card payment when you were already paid in cash can cause a great deal of stress for parents and result in action being taken on your account. Please handle with care!

To confirm a cash payment, go to your Bookings page and navigate to the booking you were prompted to confirm your hours for and click the 'Confirm Hours' button.



Under 'Are you expecting payment for this job?' you will see a list of options, including 'No, I was paid cash' as seen in the screenshots below. After indicating that you were paid in cash, the credit card payment process will close and the parent’s card will not be charged.

Here's how to confirm a cash payment on the UrbanSitter website, iPhone app, Android app, and a mobile web browser:


Click the drop down menu then 'No, I was paid cash'. Finally, click 'Confirm'!


iPhone App

Toggle the button next to 'I'm expecting a bank deposit payment for this job' then click 'Continue'. 


Android App

Click the drop down menu then 'No, I was paid cash'. Finally, click 'Continue'!


Mobile Web

Click the drop down menu then 'No, I was paid cash'. Finally, click 'Confirm'!



There you go! Your booking will no longer show up under Active Bookings and will be marked as 'Completed'.


For more information about credit card payments, feel free to check out our Payments FAQs

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