What does my payment status mean?

All bookings on UrbanSitter (jobs and interviews) have a payment status that indicates how and when the sitter will be paid for the booking after it's completed. You can review your bookings and their payment statuses from your Bookings page and clicking 'View Details'. You can also review your booking's payment status and your entire list of transactions on your Account's Transactions page by clicking 'Your Account' then 'Transactions'. 



Payment Statuses

If an accepted job was set up to be paid in cash, then the job will automatically update after the booking has been completed with no further action required (except to review your sitter!).


If a job was set to be paid via credit card, once the time frame for the job has passed, a request for the sitter to confirm hours will be automatically sent via email.


On the sitter side, the prompt to confirm hours looks like this:

sitter_prompt_to_confirm_hours.pngTo learn more about confirming your hours, click here

Once the sitter has confirmed hours, a notification will be sent to the parent prompting them to submit payment.

parent_confirm_hours_prompt.pngTo learn more about confirming your sitter's hours and payment, click here

After the parent initiates the payment, the booking will update to let both parties know that this payment has been sent!


After a payment has been initiated, it will require 2-3 full business days to process to the sitter's bank account. Please note that business days do not include weekends or national holidays when banks are closed.

Sitters: for more information on credit card payments, check out our Payment FAQs. If your booking is set to a credit card payment but you were already paid in cash, you can get more information hereParents: for more information about paying sitters via credit card, check out Sitter Payment FAQs.

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