I have a promo code. Will my membership auto renew after the first month?

On occasion, UrbanSitter offers promotions to parents granting them the first month free for the Monthly membership plan. When this membership option is selected, with or without a promotion, the plan is automatically set to renew at the end of the billing cycle, approximately one month of the start date of the plan. Additionally, Annual membership plans are set to automatically renew exactly one year after the signup date.

For example, if you upgraded to the monthly membership on Jan. 3rd, that membership will be set to automatically renew on Feb. 3rd. You can double check your renewal date by reviewing the info listed in the Account Basics area of the Account Settings page or by checking the charge date on the Transactions page.

If at any time during the free trial phase you wish to cancel your membership, you are free to do so via the Account Settings page. For more info on how to cancel, please refer to our FAQ on how to cancel your membership plan.

If you selected the Access Pass plan option, it will automatically expire one month after the start date with no action required by you. If you're only interested in trying UrbanSitter for one month, this may be the best option.

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