How do I hide my availability from a family?

If you didn't have a great experience with a certain family and want to prevent them from booking you again, you can hide your availability from the family so your calendar will not display any availability to them. Families you've hidden will appear under 'Hidden' in Your Families

You can do so by navigating to the parent's profile, scrolling down to the 'Manage Family' section, and clicking the 'Hide Availability' button. You can also hide your availability from a family in Your Families. Find out how here

Here's how to do so on the UrbanSitter website accessed on a desktop or mobile web browser, and on the iPhone and Android app:

Web and Mobile Web Browser 


If you ever wish to undo this action and show your availability back to this family, simply navigate back to their profile and click the 'Show Availability' button.


iPhone App

Navigate to the parent's profile and scroll down to 'Manage Family Settings'. Toggle the 'Hide Availability' button then click 'Apply'.

hide_availability_ios_1.jpg hide_availability_ios_2.jpg

Android App

Navigate to the parent's profile and click the Settings button (three dots), then 'Hide Availability'. 

hide_availability_android_1.png  hide_availability_android_2.png 

Once you do so, you'll see a banner appear at the bottom of your screen that confirms you've hidden your availability from the parent.



Please note that currently the function to block a parent from being able to message and contact you isn't available. If a parent's activity or communication with you on UrbanSitter is causing you concern, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team by emailing Alternatively, you can flag the parent's account by navigating to their profile and clicking 'Flag'. To learn more about flagging members, please review our How do I flag someone's account to Support? FAQ.

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