How do I pay sitters via credit card?

Paying sitters on UrbanSitter is simple, especially via credit card! You can pay your sitter for a booking with just a few clicks: they keep 100% of their earnings and you don't pay any transaction fees. To get started using credit card payments, you must first have a valid credit card on file. 

The majority of sitters on UrbanSitter are set up to accept credit card payments from parents. To confirm that this is the case for an individual sitter, look for the following badge on the right side of the sitter’s profile.

Parents select Credit or Cash as the payment type when submitting a booking request to a sitter. If something changes, you can still switch the payment type before the booking is set to occur. To do so, simply find the accepted booking via your Bookings page and click 'Change to...' button. 


For more information on how to switch the payment method, check out our How Do I Update The Payment Method For A Job? FAQ.

At the scheduled end time of the booking (or no more than 15 minutes past the scheduled end time), the sitter will be prompted to confirm the hours worked. Once confirmed, you will be prompted to confirm the payment to the sitter and have the option to add a tip for the sitter.

Please note that if your sitter confirms more hours that was originally booked, you will be notified on this payment screen. With a few exceptions, payments will be automatically charged about 24 hours after the sitter has confirmed their hours. This is to ensure that sitters can be paid in a timely manner!


You can confirm and process sitter payments on the UrbanSitter website accessed on a desktop or mobile web browser, and on the iPhone and Android app. Here's how:

Web and Mobile Web Browser

Go to your Bookings page and under 'Active Bookings' navigate to the booking you'd like to confirm payment for, click 'Pay Sitter', then 'Confirm Hours and Pay'. This will take you to the following screen where you can view your sitter's confirmed hours and add an optional tip and message. Finally, click 'Continue', then 'Yes, Confirm Payment'. 


iPhone app

Click the Menu button ios_menu_button.png in the top right corner of your screen and click 'Bookings'. Click on the booking you'd like to confirm payment for, then click 'Confirm Hours and Pay'. There you will be able to view your sitter's confirmed hours and add an optional tip. Click 'Continue' and you will be able to review your payment and send your sitter a message.  

confirm_sitter_payment_ios.jpg confirm_sitter_payment_ios_2.jpg

Android app

Click the Menu button android_menu_button.png in the top left corner of your screen and click 'Bookings'. Click on the booking you'd like to confirm payment for, then click 'Pay Sitter'. On the 'Payment Details' screen you will be able to review your payment and add an optional tip. To submit your sitter payment, scroll down and click 'Send Payment'.

confirm_sitter_payment_android.png confirm_sitter_payment_android_2.png


Once you confirm this payment, we'll charge your card, initiate the deposit to the sitter, and email you a receipt. That's it. No more ATM runs for you! At first it may feel strange to say goodbye without handing over cash, but trust us.... you'll get used to it!

If you have any questions about a payment prior to completing the payment, or disagree with the hours your sitter confirmed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at


Tried to pay your sitter but there was a problem with your credit card? Check out our When I tried to pay my sitter it said that there was a problem with my credit card. What do I do? FAQ

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