Reliability Policy

On UrbanSitter, both parents and sitters are expected to follow through on every accepted booking. This includes Phone Interviews, In-Person Interviews, and Babysitting Jobs. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a community that will provide a reliable experience for both parents and sitters. 



If either member needs to cancel a booking due to extenuating circumstances, they should officially cancel the booking through their UrbanSitter account as soon as possible.



If a parent or sitter is a no-show for a booking, it should be reported by contacting UrbanSitter Support at or by flagging the member's profile. 


Problematic Cancellations and No-shows

We review all cancellations and no-shows in detail and use all the information available to us to determine if a cancellation or no-show will be flagged as concerning. Each situation merits its own review, but we abide by the following guidelines in our review process to determine which reliability concerns are problematic:

  1. When did the member cancel? The closer to the date and time of the job that you cancel the more concerning it becomes, with no-shows being the most serious.
  2. Is this a first-time booking? The fewer times the parent and sitter have worked together, the more concerning the cancellation is — canceling on your first booking with a parent or sitter is the most serious.
  3. What was the reason given? We evaluate cancellations and no-shows based on the reason provided by the member. 

To protect the member experience on UrbanSitter, UrbanSitter reserves the right, in its full discretion, to take corrective action on members' accounts. Our reliability policy is in place in order to maintain the quality of the UrbanSitter platform and to ensure that members can trust the reliability of others.

While we recognize that life does happen, members deemed to be unreliable may have action taken on their account, including permanent account closure. These members would be removed from UrbanSitter for being in violation for our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

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