How do I post a review for a sitter?

This page provides info on how to post a review for a sitter. If you would like to know how to post a recommendation for a sitter, please go to the following: How do I post a recommendation for a sitter?

If you have completed at least one booking with a sitter on UrbanSitter, you have the ability to post a review to their profile. Within the review you can indicate the star count on a one through five rating, add a description for why you’re leaving this review, and indicate whether you’d like for the review to be public or private. A public review will be visible to all users on UrbanSitter, including other parents and the sitter themselves; a private review will only be visible to the UrbanSitter support team.

To post a review, simply navigate to the sitter’s profile and click on the ‘Review’ button available there. This will take you to a form where you can fill our the star count, description and indicate the visibility setting.

For information on editing a review, see the following: How do I edit a review I previously posted for a sitter?

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